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Cloud customers can manage their own DNS and domains from the "DNS" tab. Here, they can add domains as well as Edit and Delete.

  1. Login
  2. Navigate to the "DNS" Tab
  3. Choose the green "Add Domain" button to add a new domain
  4. To "Edit" or "Delete" an existing domain, choose those options to the right of the listed domain




DNS Types

  • A Record = An IPv4 address, used to map hostnames to an IP address. Where the content of the website is located at.
  • TXT Record = Arbitrary text in a DNS record. An example would be an SPF record.
  • AAAA Record = An IPv6 address, used to map hostnames to an IP address. Just like the A record, but for IPv6 IP addresses.
  • CNAME = Alias of one name to another. This can be done when aliasing "www.<domain.tld>" to the non www "<domain.tld>".
  • SRV Record = Generalized service location record. TTL class SRV priority weight port target.
  • NS = Delegates a DNS zone to use the given authoritative name servers. How the Internet will find the domains DNS.
  • MX = Maps a domain name to a list of message transfer agents. Where your email will be routed to.


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