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Your Cloud Hosting "VPS Manager" allows you to manage your servers websites, FTP users, MySQL databases, and more. This feature will be the main tool you will use for your Cloud Hosting. Under the manage option for the desired server, you can edit PHP Settings, FTP users, and Databases.



Websites allows you to add and remove your domains and subdomains. You can also manage the aliases, FTP users, MySQL databases, and SSL certificates here.


Adding Websites/Domains

To add a new domain to your Cloud Hosting Server you can click "Create Website" under the "Websites" tab of your VPS Manager


NOTE: It is important not to duplicate websites/domains or you will be prompted with an error.

Development Sites

Your managed service automatically includes monitoring your production websites. To avoid false positives from your development environments, please name them dev.domain.tld as we exempt them by default. As a result, if your development environment goes down, or has problems in general, XMission will not notice or do anything unless you ask for assistance.

Domain Aliases

Domain Aliases allows any form of your specified URL to redirect to another destination. Below all of the aliases listed will alias back to


Creating FTP Users

Under "Manage FTP Users" you will find the ability to add/remove and update passwords for your FTP users for your specified website.


Managing MySQL Databases

If you are creating your first MySQL Database for your website, or if you are just adding another, be sure to set a strong password for your database. The name of your database will help differentiate them, so be sure to be specific.


SSL Certificates

To add a new SSL Certificate, choose the "Add SSL Certificate" button or No SSL Enabled if this is your first SSL certificate installation.



  1. Name your SSL Certificate
  2. Paste your SSL Certificate code
  3. Paste your SSL Key code
  4. Paste any chain or CA cert codes if applicable


After adding your SSL Certificate, you will want to apply it. You will want to choose the SSL Certificate you just created from the SSL Certificate drop down box.


  • You can also choose to allow both HTTP and HTTPS traffic, or to force HTTPS traffic.

Domain Redirects

A Domain Alias will redirect traffic from one domain name to another. For example, we will redirect a typo'd website to our homepage.


Primary User

Your Cloud Hosting Server will come with the user "websites" which is used for FTP, SFTP, and SSH. This user is not jailed. You can manage your servers primary user login passwords by navigating to "Manage" in your VPS Manager tab. Here you will find "Manage Website User" with an "Update Password" box.



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