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VPS Manager

VPS Manager Tab

  • Inside your Cloud Hosting Control Panel, you can start/stop/manage/configure resources for your server from the "VPS Manager" tab.


  • Start will start the server
  • Stop will gracefully stop the server
  • Force Stop will send a kill command and ungracefully stop the server
  • Configure Resources allows you to configure the server's CPUs, Memory, and Storage
  • Manage enables the user to change their "websites" password, PHP settings, Server Resources, SSL certs, customer created FTP users, managing Databases, uploading SSL certs, and removing the website from their VPS manager


  • All Cloud servers come with the user "websites" which is used for FTP, SFTP, and SSH. This user is not jailed.
  • All other users that are created are jailed and must connect over SFTP.
  • IMPORTANT: SFTP is ALWAYS the preferred connection method

Server Resources

Your Cloud server will have dedicated resources to help maintain your websites and services you will be using your Cloud server for. It is important to be flexible with resources, as they often times they will become saturated, leaving your website crippled without enough resources available.

To see a monthly cost breakdown of what your Cloud Server resources will cost, please see our Monthly Server Pricing at

Configuring Resources

To change your servers resources, you will need to login to your Cloud Server

  • Navigate to the "VPS Manager" tab
  • You can configure the servers CPUs, Memory, and Storage using the Configure Resources button.


  • NOTE: Adjusting these resources may require server reboot before the new settings take place. There will also be changes to your monthly server cost.


Under the manage option for the desired server, you can edit PHP Settings, FTP users, and Databases.

For more information please see



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