Migration to XMission Zimbra

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Migration to XMission Zimbra is straight forward.

Zimbra provides a number of quality migration tools that can be found inside the Domain Administrator control panel. https://zimbraadmin.xmission.com

Available Migration and Import Tools:

Microsoft Outlook PST Import Tool This tool allows users to import Microsoft Outlook PST files to the Zimbra Server.

Migration Wizard for Microsoft Exchange This application performs a server-to-server migration of email, calendar and contacts from Microsoft Exchange to the Zimbra Server. https://wiki.xmission.com/Zimbra_Hosting_Admin#Importing_Accounts_from_Exchange

General Migration Wizard This tool imports data within Microsoft Exchange servers and Outlook PST files to the Zimbra Server.

Google Apps migration to Zimbra with XMission using Oauth and the IMAPsync https://xmission.com/blog/2015/09/09/migrate-your-email-from-google-apps-to-zimbra-collaboration

Migrating Data From/To Zimbra