2013 Media Releases

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XMission Celebrates 20 Years in Business

XMission Lowers Prices on Gigabit Fiber for Residential UTOPIA Customers

Strategic Peering Agreements give XMission Customers Faster Access to Top Content

XMission and Third Sun Productions Lauch 501 Tech Club Salt Lake City

Recent Media

Proposed NSA changes unlikely to affect Utah Data Center - The Salt Lake Tribune

Bamford: Public backlash — not Congress — will rein in NSA spying - The Salt Lake Tribune

University of Utah students explore ethics of 'big data' - The Deseret News

City Ready to Move on Broadband - The Park Record

Opt-in Internet Pornography Initiative Bad News for some Internet Providers - KSL

Anti-Spyware: Independent ISPs fight back for privacy of Americans - RT

XMission Marks 20th Anniversary - Utah Business Magazine

Sebelius: 'I apologize, I'm accountable' for Obamacare website flaws - KSL

Deutsche Telekom Pitches NSA-Free German Internet - TechNewsWorld

Experts warn of 'ransomware' that freezes computer, demands money - Deseret News

Booting Up: New NSA Data Farm Takes Root In Utah - National Public Radio

The Rundown: XMission President and Founder Pete Ashdown on Government Internet Surveillance - KCPW

Report: NSA, FBI monitored all emails, texts during Salt Lake Olympics

When the NSA Shows Up at Your Internet Company - Bloomberg

Utah ISP breaks silence over government server installed on its network - Engadget

When the feds come knocking: The tale of a Utah ISP, a secret court order, and a little black box - ZDNet

“What Is That Box?” — When The NSA Shows Up At Your Internet Company - BuzzFeed

The only Utah ISP (and one of the few nationwide) standing up for user privacy - Ars Technica

Utah Internet company defies subpoena law - SF Gate

Tiny Utah-based ISP makes a name for itself by rebuffing government snoops - The Guardian

FIGHTING BACK Against NSA Surveillance - Small Independent ISP in Utah Does What Other ISPs Won't - Daily Kos

Small Utah ISP firm stands up to ‘surveillance state’ as corporations cower - RT

Pete Ashdown: ISP owner who stood up to NSA says govt should follow law if it wants to keep secrets - RT

Utah Internet Firm Defies State's Warrantless Subpoena Law - National Public Radio

No Snooping Here - The Hindu

Get a Warrant - The Salt Lake Tribune

Utah Internet Service Provider Refuses To Release Customer Information Without Warrant - KUTV News

XMission president tells law enforcement: no warrant, no data - FOX 13 News