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If you have purchased a domain though you have the ability to edit the privacy of your domain and set domain locking. The instructions provided below will guide you through that process.

If you did not register your domain at are are looking for instructions to manage your whois privacy, visit this link Domains#WHOIS/Contact_Privacy

Setting Domain Privacy

  • After you have logged into your account at, Choose Registered Domains under the Domain Header

Domain locking-1.png

  • Next choose the domain you wish to edit

Domain locking-2.png

Registrar Lock

  • If your domain is not locked it will be indicated by Off next to Registrar Lock. To lock your domain from changes being made follow these instructions.

  • Choose Set Registrar Lock in the Domain Info section

Domains registrar lock-1.png

  • Once you choose Set Registrar Lock the screen will update letting you know it was successful.

Domains registrar lock-2.png

Setting Domain Privacy

  • If you would like to set the privacy of your domain to private follow these instructions. NOTE: there is currently a $5.00 charge for this service

  • Choose Upgrade Resource Limits

Domain privacy-1.png

  • Next under New Limit in the drop down choose On and then click Next

Domain privacy-2.png

  • The next page will update you about the $5.00 charge - listed under Unit Price if you agree to these terms choose Place Order

Domain privacy-3.png