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Hosting Control Panel / Mail Setup - Android

  • Tap your Mail app to bring up the interface. Tap the stacked menu icon, next to the text "Inbox" in the upper left corner.

Android menu.png

  • Tap Gear "Settings" icon.

Android setting.png

  • Tap "Add account".

Android Add.png


Android account.png

  • Type in your account information. Your Address(email address) and your Password. When you're done, tap Sign In and the phone will go to the next step.
  • Tap "Personal (IMAP)" for retrieving your email. Tap Next.

Android Server.png

(NOTE: Android Devices do not support SSL Security Type using IPV6.)

  • Next you will want to fill in:
    • Incoming Server to mail.domain.tld.
    • Security Type to None.
    • Port to 143.
    • Outgoing Server to mail.domain.tld.
    • Security Type to None.
    • Port to 587.
  • Turn on "Authentication required before sending emails"
  • User Name: - your user name is your full email address. Example,
  • Password: - your email password.
  • Tap on Next and the phone will prompt you about not "verifying server identity" you will need to click Continue.

  • Verify "Account options" for sync frequency, notifications, and attachments. Tap "Next".
  • Give the "Account name (optional)" something meaningful, like "XMission". Also, provide your name as you want it displayed to recipients. Tap Next.
  1. You should be able to verify the new account, and access the inbox, and other folders.
  • Tap on Save and Your XMission email account has now been successfully added!