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Hosting Control Panel / Mail Setup - iPhone/iPad

  • Tap on the Ip2.jpg Settings icon and then tap on the Mail option.

IOS Mail.png

  • Tap Add Account. Under the Add Account menu, tap Other.

IOS Add.png
IOS type.png

  • Select Add Mail Account
  • Type in your account information. Your Name, your Address(email address) and your Password. When you're done, tap Next and the phone will go to the next step.

IOS User.png

  • The next stage will present you with a New Account information page, with IMAP highlighted.

IOS Server.png

  • Next you will want to fill in both Incoming and Outgoing Mail Servers to mail.domain.tld.
  • User Name: - your user name is your full email address. Example,
  • Password: - your email password.

  • Tap on Next and the phone will prompt you about not "verifying server identity" you will need to click Continue.

IOS Cert.png

  • Tap on Save and Your XMission email account has now been successfully added!