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Bespoke Software Inc. - A dynamic software company located in Albany, New York that produces a volunteer management system for organizations of all sizes.

Justice Works - A growing technology service provider with software solutions designed for case management.

Code Greene - A talented web development firm that specializes in custom, database-driven websites and web software applications.

Milne Jewelry - A prominent Salt Lake City based jewelry retailer

No More Homeless Pets In Utah - A nonprofit coalition of Utah-based animal rescues, shelters and veterinarians.

Reuels - A family owned and operated store offering art supplies, drafting supplies, and picture frames.

Spy Hop Productions - A Salt Lake based nonprofit youth media and educational enrichment center.


Scott Rogers, CEO, Xengevity Corporation


Thomas Clay

Ted Dumont

Shea Frederick

Lewis E. Galway, LPC

Joe Garland

James Johnston

David Keller

Bruce Kizerian

Allan Logan

Sean Markey

James Paramore

Matt Pasley

Matthew Reinbold

Stephen Reiser

Jon Shurtliff

Lane Spiers

Christopher B Strong

Karen Wildfoerster

Joan Winslow