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While Web Hosting customers are already provided with web statistics, all customers with web space can choose to generate web statistics themselves to track their web site traffic however they see fit. At XMission, logs for your web site can be copied nightly to an "access_log" file, which uses standard web log formatting.


To create an access_log for your account, make the file, access_log in your public_html directory. Be sure that it is group writable (chmod g+w access_log).

If you'd like your statistics to be viewable from the web (e.g., With Netscape or Internet Explorer), you need to make the access_log group readable as well (chmod g+r access_log). Once proper permissions are set, point your browser to the following URL, replacing acctname with your XMission username.

If you don't want it publicly viewable, make sure the group readable access is off (chmod g-r access_log).

Because the file will continue to grow, keep an eye on the size. This does count against your disk quota.