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"I made the right choice in going with XMission."

Located in Albany, New York, Bespoke Software Inc. designs and markets VSys One volunteer management software. VSys One is licensed to nonprofit organizations and municipalities across the United States and Canada. Since 2007, all types of organizations have used VSys One, including, healthcare, municipalities, museums, science centers, and others.

While their products appeal to a wide variety of organizations, Bespoke focuses on providing one good set of tools–volunteer management software–and integrating with other, specialized systems as appropriate. In the future, they will continue to utilize technology to bring community needs and volunteers together.

Before moving to XMission, Bespoke entrusted their email to a provider that initially offered solid customer service and support, according to president, Bill Cornett. Unfortunately for Bespoke, the quality of support from their email provider declined rapidly: “At one point our entire mail server was down and we found that they could not be contacted by phone or any other way.” According to Cornett, things went downhill from there: “A few months later our mail system was down again, and this time it stayed down for several days–again with no communications possible. On the second day I went in search of alternate solutions and found XMission.”

XMission helped Bespoke migrate the contents of their existing mailboxes from the unreliable provider to XMission's Email and Collaboration services. “XMission got an interim system operational–just a few mailboxes–within hours. Their support folks were great in helping bring up our domain and overlay domains as well as restoring the contents from our old system when we finally got access to it,” said Cornett.

As a result of XMission's assistance, Bespoke had less than one day of downtime, which Cornett attributed to their former provider. “With our existing system down, our primary goal was to get mail back as quickly as possible. In less than 24 hours, XMission had us online. We haven't had any negative experiences with email since we moved to XMission.”

“I had to make a quick decision on a new vendor to get us operational quickly. I made the right choice in going with XMission,” said Cornett.