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How are customers billed?

Most billing by XMission is done via email. Typically 2 weeks before an account expires, a reminder is sent to the customer's email address to let him or her know it is time to send in a payment to continue service. This reminder outlines different payment options. Please make sure you provide us with a current email address so you receive the billing reminders.

If your business requires a physical bill, XMission can provide invoices via postal mail upon request. To check your current account statistics, send an email message to and your status will be automatically returned to you by the system.

You can also check on your account status during a telnet session by typing acctstat at the prompt after you have logged into your own account.

Does XMission accept credit cards for payment?

We can and do accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover for internet service payments. There are several ways to make a payment with your credit card:

  1. You can use our Secure CGI Web Form – this is the most secure method by which to pay.
  2. You can reach XMission Accounting during business hours at 801/539-0852 option 3. The accounting office is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.
  • NOTE we no longer take payments over the phone on weekends or after 5pm. If your account is shut off please feel free to call us and we can get you turned back on, until the next business day.

Automatic Credit Card Billing

XMission's accounting system is able to automatically deduct your monthly payment from your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card. If you'd like to set up automatic credit card charging for your account, that can be done while you are making your next payment via the web or telephone as outlined above. You must request this service and you can cancel automatic payment later by simply calling XMission Accounting.

How can users cancel an account?

To discontinue your services with XMission please give our billing department a call at 801-539-0852 and we will be happy to assist with closing your account.

When an account remains unpaid for more than a week after the expiration date, we automatically terminate access to that account. However, the files and mail for that customer remain on the system for some time after that, and at any time after access has been denied a customer can make payment to reactivate the account.

Although the system is automatic, it's always a good idea when canceling service with any utility provider to contact that provider and let them know. This can avoid confusion, inappropriate charges, and possible litigation at a later date.

If a balance remains on your account at the time you wish to cancel service, you can contact XMission to receive a refund for the remaining days of service, minus processing fees (see below.)

Requests for refunds

If you require a refund check for canceled service on your XMission account, we can issue and mail one within two weeks. However, we do charge a $10 processing fee for all refunds.

This processing fee will be reimbursed* should you choose to re-establish your XMission account.

  • Credit applied at time of payment for second month of service.

How can users update their account information?

Our current accounting database does not allow for users to modify their own account information. To update any necessary fields, please email the Accounting Department at with the necessary information.

How can users change their account name?

If the time comes up that you need to change your account name, you can contact XMission Support and we will be happy to assist you with this request.

Remember that account names are always all lower case, with a maximum of 32 characters.