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XMission encourages parents to actively participate in their children's Internet experience. For many, that includes setting up a web content filter on the family computer. Such filters can help you and your children best enjoy education and entertainment on your computer but we must stress that technology can never replace a parent at your child's side when at the computer.

How does content filtering work?

Most web filters use "proxy" software to automatically process all incoming content. Originally, proxy filtering was used to simply speed up access to web pages by locally storing copies of popular web pages but once the Internet became more popular, some proxy filters were modified to provide content filtering. A content filter automatically inspects text and image filenames from a web page to determine whether or not a site is appropriate for the computer user. Ideally, the person will be able to access everything they need to but anything inappropriate will be transparently filtered out. XMission provides access to a variety of proxy servers.

Does XMission have a web filter?

Yes. A web content filter called DansGuardian is a free and readily available solution for all XMission customers after they read the Disclaimer.

Why content filtering?

This is entirely a matter of personal opinion. XMission simply offers content filtering as an option so our customers can choose to use the service if they have need of it in their home.

What about business owners?

Most media and legislation attention has focused on concerns about web content and children but there are products written specifically for businesses. XMission does not recommend DansGuardian for business environments since it is tailored for children and may inhibit productivity as a result.

Are there other options?

Absolutely. Whatever you decide is best for your family or office, remember that technology can only provide part of the solution. If you do use a content filter, remember that that not only may some legitimate sites be accidentally blocked but some sites you might not consider appropriate will likely still be unfiltered. This is part of why we recommend you spend time with your children when they're at the computer. Of course, you just might enjoy each other's company too.