DSL Interleave

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DSL connections from CenturyLink running bandwidth speeds between 256K and 7 Megabit may have additional latency of up to 60 milliseconds. This can cause problems in real-time applications such as gaming. The delay is usually not significant enough to cause problems with voice and video, but should be considered when resolving issues with these applications. CenturyLink does consider VoIP service over DSL one of the criteria for removing interleave upon request.

Interleaving adds additional reliability to some DSL lines, but in other cases it may not be needed at all. CenturyLink has this turned on by default for DSL installations serviced by XMission. Thankfully, they will turn it off by request.

XMission suggests that you turn off interleave only if you have an application that is negatively affected by it.

In order to turn off DSL interleave, request "Fastpath" from CenturyLink online support. Recent experience has shown that CenturyLink will usually make the change to your DSL line within 3 days.