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NOTE: In order to successfully transfer a domain, XMission requires customers to keep their email addresses current.

When a customer decides to transfer a domain, they will receive a series of emails with instructions on the process. However, the following challenges often arise:

1. The email never arrives due to spam filters, etc.

2. The customer may not respond quickly enough to the emails. After 5 days, the customer must start the transfer again.

3. The customer may have the wrong email address associated with the domain.

4. The customer may not have their password for the domains management page, which is separate from their XMission account password.

To successfully transfer a domain, the following conditions must exist:

1. A domain cannot be in a locked or hold status.

2. For reseller to reseller transfers - or registrar to registrar transfers - the domain must have resided with the losing registrar for more than 60 days since it was first registered or transferred there.

3. Transfers add one year to the domain's registration; therefore, the gaining reseller must have a sufficient balance for the renewal in order to complete the transfer request.

4. Domain names that are expired but not deleted (up to 40 days past the expiry date, for most TLDs) can be transferred.

5.The current administrative contact's email address must be valid, to allow for the confirmation of the transfer request.

NOTE: A domain's name servers cannot be changed during a registrar transfer. The nameservers will remain the same during the transfer, and they can be changed once the domain has reached the receiving registrar.


One of the most costly things to happen to a domain is when they go into a redemption.

Redemption is when a domain has gone through a renewal phase without payment, that phase is usually 40 days from the first warning. It will then sit 30 days in a hold state until its released into the general public. The cost for bringing a domain out of redemption is 90 dollars that includes the 1 year renewal.

Extra Info

Not all registrars handle transfers/renewals or registrations the same as our reseller. Some places don't want to let domains go so they drag their feet and make it difficult which is annoying but there really is nothing we can do about it.

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