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Email security and attachments

XMission rejects email attachments with commonly malicious file formats as a security measure to prevent potential viruses from impacting customers. Rejecting emails with executable files, for example file.exe, will protect you from possibly receiving malicious software containing a virus or malware.

This blocking is applied to all inbound and outbound email with attachments. A reject notice will automatically be sent to any sender attempting to send to, or from, the XMission mail system.

Business customers with hosted Zimbra email do not have attachments blocked between accounts on their domain.

Blocked file types

Rejected files end in: scr, vbs, dll, exe, shs, bat, lnk, pif, chm, hta, com, cmd, reg, js, cpl, jsp, vbe, sys, btm, pfr, vb

Maximum attachment sizes

XMission allows email attachments with the following sizes:

  • Up to 10 MB for accounts via
  • Up to 25 MB for email sent with mail applications
  • Up to 50 MB for our hosted Zimbra email

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