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Zimbra Collaboration Mailboxes
Incoming Server Information: Outgoing Server Information:
Server Type: IMAP Server Type: SMTP
Hostname: Hostname:  
Port: 993 Port: 587
Enable encryption: YES Enable encryption: YES
Authenticate Using: Password Requires Authentication: YES
Login User Name: Full email address   Login User Name Full email address
Alternate Port: 143, 995 SSL POP3   Alternate Port: 465 (Must enable SSL)
Webmail Interface:
Admin Interface:
Folders: Sent Mail = "Sent", Drafts = "Drafts", Trash = "Trash", Spam = "Junk"
MX Record:

Configure email clients for use with XMission Zimbra

Comprehensive XMission Zimbra support links Mailbox Accounts

XMission always recommends secure IMAP email configuration heres why.

Incoming Mail:, SSL IMAP 993
Outgoing Mail:, SSL SMTP 587
Login Information: XMission Username
Webmail Interface:
Requirements: SMTP Authentication Required Off Network
Alternate Ports: SSL SMTP 465 Requires SSL; SSL IMAP 143; SSL POP3 995
Folders: Sent Mail="Sent", Drafts="Drafts", Archives="Archives", Trash="Trash", Spam="Junk"

Additional support: In-depth configuration values for commonly used email clients for your email