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'''NOTE''' This option only works if you have a Zimbra Premium account''' <br>
For information about upgrading your email services please speak with our sales department.
#Enter your email address and password then choose '''Manual Setup'''
Android ActiveSync configuration instructions can be found here: https://wiki.xmission.com/Android_Portable_Devices_with_Microsoft_Exchange
#Next choose Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
##Email address: Your email address
##Domain\username: This should be '''your@emailaddress.tld'''
##Password: Your email password
##Exchange Server: '''zimbra.xmission.com'''
##Use secure connection(SSL): Check this box
##Use client certificate: Leave blank
##Click Next
##Period of email to sync: Default is 3 days - however most phones can sync up to 30 days.
##You can make sure to have a check in the boxes you want to sync, Email, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks
##Click Next when you are done
##Chose a name for your Account - this is Optional, then click Done
'''NOTE''' Please allow some time for your phone to complete the sync. This may take some time depending on how may days you selected your phone to sync.
[[Category:Client Email Configuration|Zimbra|Android]]
[[Category:Client Email Configuration|Zimbra|Android]]

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These setup instructions apply to Android versions 5.0 through 5.1.1 using the Gmail app from Google. Google recently changed the default app away from the standard "Email" app on Android 4.4.4 and earlier with their Gmail app. Despite the name, the Gmail app allows you to configure additional personal IMAP and POP3 accounts with the Gmail account.


  • Tap your Gmail app to bring up the interface. Tap the stacked menu icon, next to the text "Inbox" in the upper left corner.

Android-email-to-gmail.png Android-zimbra-0.png

  • Scroll to the bottom of pane, and tap "Settings".


  • Under "Settings", tap "Add account".


  • Tap "Personal (IMAP/POP)" to set up a new personal email account. Tap "Next"


  • Add your XMission email address. This is typically you XMission username with "@xmission.com" appended. Tap "Manual setup".


  • Tap "Personal (IMAP)" for retrieving your email. Tap "Next".


  • Provide your XMission account password. Tap "Next".


  • Under "Incoming server settings":


  • Set "SERVER" as "zimbra.xmission.com"
  • Set "SECURITY TYPE" as "SSL/TLS". The "PORT" should automatically change to "993".
  • Tap "Next".

  • Under "Outgoing server settings"


  • Set "SMTP SERVER" to "zimbra.xmission.com"
  • Set "SECURITY TYPE" to "SSL/TLS". The "PORT" should automatically change to "465".
  • Set "USERNAME" to just your XMission username with the "@xmission.com" address appended.
  • Tap "Next".

  • Verify "Account options" for sync frequency, notifications, and attachments. Tap "Next".


  • Give the "Account name (optional)" something meaningful, like "XMission". Also, provide your name as you want it displayed to recipients. Tap "Next".


  • You should be able to verify the new account, and access the inbox, and other folders.



Android ActiveSync configuration instructions can be found here: https://wiki.xmission.com/Android_Portable_Devices_with_Microsoft_Exchange