Hosting a domain not registered with XMission

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Domains registered through XMission, all hosting for that domain provided by XMission will be automatically configured properly. Domains registered through third party registrars will need to have their name servers or DNS settings configured to work with XMission hosting.

Name Servers

In order for XMission to handle DNS completely, the domain name servers need to be pointed properly. This can be done through the control panel offered by the registrar. Locate the section used to declare the name servers, and set them as follows:


This will point the name servers at XMission, and after that information has propagated (15-30 minutes typically), any DNS XMission currently has will take effect.

Web Hosting Only

In the situation that the DNS needs to stay with the registrar or elsewhere, an A record needs to be added for the hosting with XMission to take effect.

In the registrars DNS control panel, add a new record for your domain, pointing at the IP address of the server (found under Websites and Domains, next to IP Address in your hosting control panel for your domain). Typically, the A record is formatted as follows:

Record Type: A
Domain/Record Name: @
IP Address: The IP address of your shared hosting.