IP Address Justification

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IP Address Justification Request Form

Please submit the following form to colocates@xmission.com or your sales agent.

XMission account name:

Current number of hosts, users, or terminals on the network.

Current number of remote access users.

Current number and type of network devices (such as servers, routers, switches, etc.).

Current number of firewalls (including the # of DMZs being used).

Below, please include any additional information about your network or business practices that you feel would justify additional IPs. It is helpful to include a 3 month projected number for all of the previous items, especially if excess IPs are being requested to accommodate for near term growth.

REFERENCE: IP Subnet Chart

Class C Address Space
Prefix Subnet Mask Host Usable
/32 1 1
/31 2 0
/30 4 2
/29 8 6
/28 16 14
/27 32 30
/26 64 62
/25 128 126
/24 256 254