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If you're going to be checking your email using your IPhone or IPod touch device as well as a computer running an email program or webmail, XMission strongly recommends that you change the settings on your computer to check email using IMAP instead of POP3. This allows you to access your email from multiple devices and webmail wherever you are in the world. Please refer to our setup guides for instructions on how to configure your email client for IMAP access or contact our Technical Support line 24 hours a day for a walkthrough.

Mail icon.jpg IMAP Setup on software version 2.0

Configuring your IPhone or IPod touch device for XMission email using IMAP. This guide is for software version 2.0 which supports the 1st generation IPhone or IPod touch as well as the newest 3G iphones.

http://deliciouscake.net/wikitemp/Mail_icon.jpgCreate/Edit signature

How to set up or edit the existing signature on the IPhone or IPod touch email application.

http://deliciouscake.net/wikitemp/Mail_icon.jpgDelivery options

Change how often your IPhone or IPod touch checks for email.