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#Open your hard drive icon.
#Open your hard drive icon.
#Double-click on <span class="button">Applications</span>.
#Double-click on <span class="button">Applications</span>.

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  1. Open your hard drive icon.
  2. Double-click on Applications.
  3. Open Mail.
  4. Click on Mail and select Preferences.
  5. Macosxmail1101.jpg
  6. highlight the Default mail account under Description.
  7. Click on Edit.
  8. Macosxmail1102.jpg
  9. Next to Account Type:, select POP Account.
  10. In the Description field, enter XMission.
  11. In the Email Address: field, enter your XMission email address.
  12. In the Full Name: field, enter the name that you would like to appear on your outgoing messages. (e.g.: John Doe or Johnny D.)
  13. In the Host name: field, enter mail.xmission.com.
  14. In the User name: field, enter your XMission username.
  15. In the password field, enter your XMission password.
  16. In the SMTP Host: field, enter mail.xmission.com.
  17. Click on OK.
  18. Macosxmail1103.jpg