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#Open your hard drive icon.
#Open your hard drive icon.
#Double-click on <span class="button">Applications</span>.
#Double-click on <span class="button">Applications</span>.

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  1. Open your hard drive icon.
  2. Double-click on Applications.
  3. Open Mail.
  4. Click on Mail and select Preferences.
  5. Macosxmail1101.jpg
  6. Click on Add Account.
  7. Macosxmail1202.jpg
  8. Next to Account Type:, select POP Account.
  9. In the Description field, enter XMission.
  10. In the Email Address: field, enter your XMission email address.
  11. In the Full Name: field, enter the name that you would like to appear on your outgoing messages. (e.g.: John Doe or Johnny D.)
  12. In the Incoming Mail Server: field, enter mail.xmission.com.
  13. In the User name: field, enter your XMission username.
  14. In the password field, enter your XMission password.
  15. In the Outgoing Mail Server: field, enter mail.xmission.com.
  16. Macosxmail1203.jpg
  17. In the Advanced tab at the top of the window.
  18. Make sure that there is a check mark next to Remove copy from server after retrieving a message and select "Right away" from the list menu.
  19. Click on OK.
  20. Macosxmail1204.jpg