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You will find information on how to help customers with Managing their domains at

Manage Your Domain

Domain Name: yourdomain.tld is Locked Expires: 2013-03-20 16:50:58 Waiting Requests: 0

Add Domains


  • Change Password
    • Change the password used to manage this profile.
  • Create/Manage a Sub-User
    • You may add an additional username and password associated with this domain in order to allow multiple people to update your records. You can restrict access for this sub-user to allow only certain records to be modified.

Note: Only one sub-user can be created for each domain.

  • Change Ownership of Domain
    • You may create a new profile for this domain or move it to a different profile you own.


  • Allows you to edit the Organization Contact for the domain.


  • Allows you to edit the Admin Contact for the domain


  • Allows you to edit the Billing Contact for the domain


  • Allows you to edit the Technical Contact for the domain

Name Servers

  • Manage Name Servers for the domain
    • To replace a nameserver, simply edit the existing hostname.
    • To remove a nameserver, simply cleanup the existing hostname.
    • To add a nameserver, simply fill an empty field for hostname.
    • IP addresses are not displayed by certain registries. This does not affect the operation of the nameserver.

Important: Before adding additional name servers to your configuration, you should be sure that the name server has setup correctly. 24 - 48 hours after you submit a request for an additional name server, it will be in the rotation for authoritative lookups and if it is not setup correctly, your site will take a long time to resolve when visitors try to find you.

The order of the nameservers is not relevant

Domain Extras

  • Manage Domain Authorization Information - Domain Auth Code
    • Normally this information does not need to be changed or edited.

Resser Contact

  • Edit the ability to Show/Hide the Reseller information in public whois

Domain Locking

  • When locking is enabled for a domain, any requests to transfer the domain to another registrar or hosting company will automatically fail. This can be used to prevent fraudulent transfers of the domain, while locking is enabled.
  • Should you ever want to transfer the domain, or modify nameservers based on the domain, domain locking must first be disabled, before the relevant action is performed.
  • Note that only the owner for a domain can enable/disable locking. The sub-user for the domain, if any, will not be able to perform this action.