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How do I log in to WebMail?

  1. From your web browser (e.g.: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari), go to the URL (web address)
  2. Just below the welcome message, you will see the two fields Username and Password. (Your username is the part of your email before
  3. Enter your XMission username in the field labeled Username, and enter your password in the Password field. Click on Log In.

How do I view a message?

Upon logging in, you should see a list of messages that are in your Inbox. (If not, click on the Inbox button on the left side of the window.) To view a message, click on the subject. You will see the message appear in the preview area, which is below your inbox by default.

How do I compose a new message?

Click on the green + New Message button at the top of the window.

Xmwebmail new-message-button.png

The New Message Window allows you to set, among other things, the message recipient's address (who you're sending mail to), the message subject, and the message contents.

Xmwebmail composition-screen.png

Simply fill out the appropriate fields at the top of the window (only the To: address is required, but the Subject: is suggested) and type your message in the large lower field. Once you've completed entering your message, you may choose to Spell Check your message text. Once you're done composing your new message, click the Send button to send the message to the recipient.

If you want more control over how your email appears, you can enable HTML composition.

Xmwebmail html-turn-on.png

Doing so will add an additional section of controls that will allow you to do things such as apply bold, italics, underlines or strike through to your text, put a link behind your text, and much more in the way of formatting.

Xmwebmail rich-text.png

How do I send an attachment?

While still in the Compose a message window, click on Add Attachment.

Xmwebmail add-attachment.png

This will open a file browser. Navigate to the file you wish to attach, and click Okay.

You can delete an attachment on a composed email by clicking on the downward pointing arrow, and choosing Delete.

Xmwebmail attachment-delete.png

How do I reply to a message?

When viewing your message, there will be a Reply button above the list of emails in your inbox.

Xmwebmail reply-button.png

Click once on Reply, then type your message in the New Message window. If the original message was sent to multiple recipients, and you'd like each of them to see your reply, click on the downward pointing arrow next to Reply, then click on To All.

Xmwebmail reply-all.png

You can also reply by right clicking on the email in your inbox, and choosing the appropriate Reply option.

Xmwebmail right-click-menu.png

How do I forward a message?

When viewing your message, there will be a Forward button above your listed emails.

Xmwebmail forward-button.png

Click once on the Forward button, then add any comments you'd like in the composition window.

You can also forward an email by right clicking on it in your inbox, and choosing Forward.

Xmwebmail right-click-menu.png

How do I delete a message?

There are a couple different ways to delete a message. The most intuitive method is to open the message, then click the Delete button above your inbox. This will cause the message to follow the rules defined for deleting messages in your options.

Xmwebmail delete-button.png

Another option is to right click on the message in your inbox, and select the Delete option.

Xmwebmail right-click-menu.png

How do I move a message to another folder/mailbox?

To move a message to another folder/mailbox, simply click and hold on the email you wish to move, then, while still holding down, drag it to the folder you wish to move it to.

Xmwebmail click-and-drag.gif

How do I switch to another folder/mailbox?

To change your folder/mailbox view to a different one, simply click on the folder you wish to switch to from the list to the left of your inbox.

How do I change a message's status?

In the folder/mailbox view, right click on the email, then hover over Mark As....

Xmwebmail mark-as.png

How do I search for messages?

To the upper right corner of the webmail interface is a white bar that you can enter text into. This is the search bar.

Xmwebmail search-bar.png

Here, you can search for various options in your emails, defaulting to the From field. Clicking the downward pointing arrow will reveal more search options.

Xmwebmail search-dropdown.png

How do I set my preferences?

Hover over the Xmwebmail gear-icon.png icon at the top of your window, then over Preferences, then the appropriate section you want to configure settings for.

  • Global Preferences are settings that will affect every aspect of your account, including your personal information, location, time zone, display preferences, syncing options, and categories and labels.
  • Address Book contains settings to define how to display your address books, specific synchronization settings, and managing multiple address books.
  • Calendar contains settings to configure specific display options for Calendars, which calendar to use as the default, event settings, which address book to default to when creating events, notifications, and a shareable link so that others can view a snippet of your calendar.
  • Filters allows you to toggle automatically activating scripts after creating/changing them.
  • Mail contains settings relevant to sending and receiving mail. You can further define your personal information, manage saved searches, configure how events are handled, configure encryption, as well as specific configurations for display and the defaults for when you are composing, replying, and sending mail.
  • Notes allows you to define settings regarding saved Notes.
  • Tasks contains settings to define how tasks are displayed, configure defaults, and change notifications.

How do I create filter rules?

There are multiple ways to handle filters, depending on what you want to do. If you just want to block a sender, right click on the email in the folder, and select Blackhole list. If you want to have a user always hit your inbox and bypass filters, right click on the email in the folder and choose Whitelist.

If you want to make more advanced, specific filters, hover over the Mail button, then choose Filters from the drop down menu that appears.

New filters can be created by clicking on + New Rule

How do I use Addressbooks?

To add people to your address book, hover over the Address Book button, and choose New Contact from the drop down menu that appears.

Xmwebmail address-book-dropdown.png

To import an address book you already have, click on Address Book, then click on Import/Export in the menu to the left

Xmwebmail import-export.png

Choose the type of address book you wish to import from the first drop-down menu, choose the address book you want to import into (if you have multiple), as well as if you want to overwrite the existing address book, and then click on Choose File to open a file browser. From the file browser, choose the file you wish to import. Following this, click Next. The following pages will vary based on the type of file you are importing, ensure to click Next on each page when you are done. You can export on the same page in your Address Book. Chose the type of format you'd like to export your address book in, as well as the address book you'd like to export. Following that, click on Export. Bear in mind larger address books may take a short while to download.

To search your address book, click on the Search button in the address book view.

Xmwebmail search-option-address-book.png

The search feature is simple; it searches for a name or an address you type into the search field. If you'd like to narrow your search, you can use the advanced search.

How do I set Vacation Mode?

You can set a vacation mode to let people know you are out of the office. Hover over the Mail button, then choose Filters.

Xmwebmail filters-dropdown.png

Next Choose Vacation from the menu to the side.

Xmwebmail vacation-option.png

Fill in the necessary fields.

Xmwebmail vacation-options.png

Click on Save and Enable.

To turn off Vacation mode, go into your filters, and click on the checkmark next to Vacation.

Xmwebmail vacation-turnoff.png

How do I Forward all my emails?

You can forward all your emails to another email address. Here is how.

Hover over Mail and then choose Filters.

Xmwebmail filters-dropdown.png

Next, click on Forward in the menu to the left.

Xmwebmail forward-option.png

On this screen, input the addresses you want to forward to, as well as whether or not you want to keep copies of the emails on this account.

Xmwebmail forwarding-screen.png

When you are done, click Save and Enable.

Xmwebmail save-and-enable-fowarding.png

To turn off your Forwarding, click on the checkmark next to it in the filter list.

Xmwebmail turn-off-forwarding.png

How do I stop emails from going to my junk folder?

If you find an email you were expecting to receive in your junk folder, you can help ensure that emails will not get filtered into junk in the future.

First, right click on the email in your junk folder, and choose Mark as Innocent. Alternatively, you can click on the email in the junk folder, and click the Innocent button in the context menu above the emails. This will help our system learn that the email is not spam.

Following that, you can right click on the email again and choose Whitelist. If right clicking isn't working for you, select the email, then in the context menu, choose Other, then Whitelist. This will ensure that going forward that any emails from that sender will bypass spam checking and your filters, being delivered directly into your inbox.

Once those two steps are done, simply drag the email from your junk folder into your inbox.

Compatibility issues with Internet Explorer 8

There is a known issue with Internet Explorer 8 which makes it difficult or impossible to navigate folders within our webmail system. To remedy the situation please try the following:

  • Open Internet Explorer 8 and navigate to
  • Select Tools->Compatibility View (This is a menu option in Internet Explorer itself, not on the web page).
  • Select Tools menu and verify that Compatiblity View has a checkbox next to it.
  • Close the browser.
  • Open Internet Explorer 8 and navigate to and login again.