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Does XMission Donate Service to Nonprofits?

XMission provides Internet services valued at up to $600 annually to any Utah 501(c)3. To qualify for this free service, we simply ask each nonprofit to fulfill the following requirements:

Add an XMission web banner to your homepage. If XMission provides your nonprofit with free webhosting, we require an XMission web banner on your homepage. You can select a banner from here. Your XMission banner should link to

Please provide positive referrals when asked. We always appreciate business and residential customer referrals. When possible, please mention XMission in your newsletter or other communications.

Keep your contact information current. XMission wants to ensure that your organization receives necessary updates and information regarding your account. To do this, we request that you keep your contact information current.

Yearly Renewal. XMission requires that nonprofits send a request letter annually to continue free Internet services. We will contact you one month prior to your renewal date. This allows XMission to better track participation in our program and to cancel unused accounts.