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Thank you for your interest in XMission’s donated Internet services for nonprofit organizations. As a local business and the first Internet provider in Utah, we have a strong commitment to our community. Because of this commitment, XMission provides free Internet services to all qualifying Utah nonprofits, which includes the same friendly service that we offer to all of our customers.

Please read this entire document to understand everything offered and required to receive donated service from XMission. We will try to respond to your questions and submissions within 3 business days.

Policy Details

Before you apply for donated Internet services from XMission, you need to review and agree to the following policies:

  • XMission may donate up to $50 of Internet services to nonprofit groups on a monthly basis. This amount will only be applied to a single XMission account.
  • XMission will not apply remaining monthly credit to your account balance if less than $50 in service is utilized in any given month.
  • Nonprofits must send an annual request letter to renew and continue free Internet services. As a courtesy, XMission will contact you one month prior to your renewal date.
  • XMission donates up to $50 total to an organization, rather than $50 to every location associated with larger nonprofit organizations. Our intention is to help a wide spectrum of community organizations.
  • XMission will consider donations to nonprofits outside of Utah on a case-by-case basis. However, Utah nonprofits receive preferential consideration.
  • XMission's staff is trained to help customers who understand the Internet and how to use XMission's products (e.g., web hosting and connectivity). Therefore, your XMission account must have a designated technical contact available to work with our technical support department. If your staff is not technically savvy, please let us know so we can recommend some outside resources that might be able to help you. XMission provides nonprofits with the same excellent customer assistance that we provide to our paying customers. Please understand that we simply don't have the resources to provide additional hand holding.
  • XMission reserves the right to terminate unused accounts with fair notice.
  • XMission reserves the right to refuse donation of services for any reason. There is no guarantee of donations for nonprofit applicants.
  • XMission reserves the right to cancel donated services for any nonprofit who's staff or consultants choose to speak poorly of XMission in a public forum rather than contact us directly to resolve an issue.

Sign-up Application Details

When you apply, please provide XMission with the following documents via email, an office visit or postal mail:

  • A written request for assistance.
  • Copies of your printed literature and newsletters.
  • A copy of your current nonprofit status with State or Federal agencies (e.g., Utah 501c3).
  • A brief history of your organization, including years in business, number of members, etc.
  • A description of what your organization does (i.e., your "statement of purpose").
  • A description of how you hope to use XMission donated services (e.g., web hosting).

Ongoing Requirements

We value this reciprocal relationship, and want to continue helping your organization. Your cooperation, in turn, greatly helps XMission, a local business, to gain visibility.

Ongoing requirements for free Internet service from XMission:

  • If XMission provides your organization with free web hosting, please place an XMission banner (available here) that links to on your website’s homepage.
  • Recognition of XMission’s donation in your newsletters (postal, email, or other). Note that XMission would appreciate a copy of any newsletter recognition for our records.
  • Positive referrals to businesses, individuals and organizations for XMission when asked, and mentioning XMission as your “preferred” Internet provider. We greatly appreciate referrals many of you send us.
  • To ensure that your organization receives necessary updates and information regarding your account, please keep your contact information current at:
  • Compliance with XMission’s Acceptable Use Policy:
  • If your organization fails to comply with any of the above, you will receive a written warning or termination of donated service, depending on the specific situation.

Contact Information

Postal Mail Address:
Attn: Nonprofit Accounts
51 E. 400 S., Suite 000
Salt Lake City, UT 84111-2753