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==Configuring your modem==
==Configuring your modem==

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Configuring your modem

  1. Choose Prefs from the application manager.
  2. Select Modem from the menu in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Tap the Modem popup and select your modem type (if your modem is not on the list, select Standard).
  4. Set the appropriate port speed in the Speed popup.
  5. Set the Speaker popup to High while getting things setup. You can turn it off later if you like.
  6. Set Flow Control to Automatic.

Configuring Networking

  1. Select Network from the menu in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Select a service that you will not use from the Service popup (such as Aimnet if you won't be using Aimnet).
  3. Change the name next to the Service popup to read XMission.
  4. Enter your XMission username in the User Name field.
  5. Tap the Prompt box next to Password and enter your XMission password when prompted. You may leave this on Prompt if you'd like to enter your password each time.
  6. Enter the local XMission data number in the Phone box.
  7. Tap the Details button.
  8. Set Connection Type to PPP.
  9. Set Idle Timeout to Power Off.
  10. Uncheck Query DNS to reveal the primary and secondary DNS fields.
  11. Set Primary DNS to
  12. Set Secondary DNS to
  13. Check the IP Address Automatic checkbox, even if you have a static IP.
  14. Tap the Script button.
  15. Enter the following script.
    Wait For: ogin:
    Send User ID:
    Send CR:
    Wait For: word:
    Send Password:
    Send CR:
  16. Tap OK.
  17. Tap OK.

Connecting a modem with a PalmPilot modem cable

  1. If you have a PalmPilot modem cable (NOT a hot sync cable or a cradle), connect one end to the serial port on the modem, and the other end to the serial port on your PalmPilot.
    If you have a PalmPilot snap-on modem, connect it to your PalmPilot.
    If you have only a hot-sync cable or a cradle, you can connect it to a modem, but you will need a "Null Modem Adapter" (you can get a null modem adapter at any compter or electronics store). Connect the cable on the cradle to one side of the null modem adapter and the modem to the other side.
  2. Make sure your modem is connected to a phone line and is powered on.

Logging in

  1. Choose Prefs from the application manager.
  2. Set the Service popup to XMission.
  3. Tap Connect.