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How do I change my XMission password?

XMission offers a variety of ways to change your password, the easiest of which is our control panel You may also change your password using by contacting XMission technical support.

Using XMission hosted email? Here is how to change your Zimbra email password.

How often will I have to change passwords?

Having a strong password can eliminate how often you need to change your password. However we recommend you update your password at least once a year.

Hosted email customers, you will be required to update your password once a year. You will be notified by email 14 days prior.

What is a GOOD password?

Good passwords include at least one of each: mixed case letters (most systems are case sensitive, including ours), numbers and punctuation (characters above the numbers 0-9). Do not to use anything that someone could guess such as your license plate number, proper names with birthdate, simple words that are commonly used together, or any elements of your account name.

It is recommended that you use 3 or more words, 5 characters or more to make an easy-to-remember, but hard-to-crack password. For example:

  • unruly-noisemaker59Studebaker
  • Revamp!2discount-Planters
  • twoclipS-included4patriots

Of course, don't use any of these examples for your own password.

Password Managers

Don't ever use the same password between services.

It is recommended that you use a password manager, like KeePass or LastPass to keep all your individual passwords managed and safe. Be sure to pick a lengthy, strong master password, and use multifactor if available.

How do I enter my new password into my email client?

This XMission wiki page explains has guides on how to update configuration values for most common email applications.