Small and Swift Wins Again - XMission named fastest ISP for business

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Salt Lake City, UT August 16, 2010 -- XMission Internet was recently named Utah’s fastest and highest-rated Internet service provider by, a division of Based on millions of recent test results, Net Index compares and ranks consumer download speeds around the globe.’s ISP ratings of up to 5 stars are based on over 13 million results collected at They tell how happy customers are with their ISP. XMission scored a 4.4, the highest rating for any Utah ISP.

“This proves again that a small Internet service provider can run circles around a corporate behemoth, providing faster speeds and better service," said XMission president and founder Pete Ashdown.

Ashdown, noted for doing battle against CenturyLink over legal issues such as third-party ISPs’ access to Qwest’s infrastructure, says, "We are proud to be chosen by customers as Utah’s favorite and fastest. It’s especially sweet to clobber CenturyLink [who scored 2.5] and Comcast [who scored 3.3].”