Launches New VPS Offering

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Salt Lake City, UT - December 29, 2011 -, XMission's web application hosting division, now offers VPS services. Developers who prefer more hands-on control over their own server and software can now develop their projects on Stackable.

"Stackable's VPS service is unique in its ease of deployment and load-balancing capabilities," said XMission president and founder, Pete Ashdown.

Michael Place, Senior Engineer at Stackable, said that with VPS, developers can "build applications inside scalable virtual servers which automatically live behind a managed load-balancer. Virtual servers can be provisioned with our API or our control panel and then services can easily be bound to our managed load-balancers at no additional charge."

According to Ashdown, developers using Stackable VPS can expect "deeper, more complete control over Internet service deployment."

In addition to VPS, Stackable also supports Django and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) development. Stackable also sells dedicated MySQL databases.

Stackable hosting starts at $35 per month for one 256MB container. All new VPS developers who sign up for a Stackable account will receive a free 256MB container for one month. Additional resources or containers will be billed at the advertised rate.