Strategic Peering Agreements give XMission Customers Faster Access to Top Content

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Salt Lake City, UT – May 31, 2013 - Today, Utah Internet provider XMission announced three strategic peering agreements with top content providers, including Netflix, Facebook, and Google, designed to give its customers faster access to some of the most popular sites on the Internet.

"Expanding our connectivity to major Internet peering points enables XMission to deliver your client and hosting services faster and more reliably than ever,” said Pete Ashdown, XMission president and founder.

Customers on XMission's network with Internet connections exceeding 5Mbps and a Netflix subscription can now stream Netflix Super HD movies using approved Super HD devices. According to Netflix, Super HD delivers 1080p, the best picture quality available.

Approved Super HD devices include Sony PS3, Nintendo Wii U, Windows 8 App, Roku with 1080p, Apple TV with 1080p, TiVo Premiere DVR, and select smart TVs and Blu-Ray players.

XMission established these peering agreements by participating in the Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX), a major interconnection for communications companies and Internet providers, using a 10 Gigabit connection. Once on SIX, XMission joined Netflix's Open Connect content delivery network, which allows XMission to provide high-speed customers with Super HD.