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Suffix support provides the power of multiple email addresses with one account.

How it works

Suffix support means that in addition to “ address@” you can also receive mail at “ address+extrastuff@. ” The text after the “+” is controlled by you.

Real-world examples. Customer uses and subscribes to all kinds of mailing lists and have transactions with a wide range of contacts. Using suffix support customers can easily identify and filter messages.

Here are some user example addresses: - -

All variants of this address land in your inbox or are easily filtered to specific folders. Filtering instructions can be found in this wiki or inside the help menu of your mail application.

We can use Flynn as another example. Flynn has email domain with Zimbra email hosting at XMission and suffix support works the same way:

Prevent and track spam

Sometimes you may not trust the website or email list you are providing email address to. Suffix support allows you to protect yourself from spam and track reliability.

In these cases it is common to use the website name:

Note: This works for traditional mail accounts as well as our Zimbra Personal Premium accounts, and any hosted Zimbra email accounts.

If you want a deeper dive into this technology behind suffix support it is called Variable Envelope Return Path (VERP).