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DHCP Connection

Most customers will be set to DHCP for easy access and connection to the internet. Your IP will not change unless you switch devices or are disconnected from the internet for a long period of time. You will not need to do anything special in your router configuration.

PPPoE Connection

Utopia customers using a static IP or a subnet will need to use a PPPoE connection. This gives you a static IP. Your router will need to be reconfigured to accept a username and password. It will be the username you set up with XMission.

These easy to follow instructions will help you configure your favorite routers and operating systems for use with your PPPoE connection.

  • Note: Routers may have slightly different user interfaces depending on the model.

XMission highly recommends the TP-Link Archer C9

Additional router suggestions can be found here: https://wiki.xmission.com/Router_and_Wireless_Troubleshooting#Recommended_Routers

Router configurations