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I am Daniel Lee McIntyre (one nickname I have been given recently is "Lightning McQueen," a character from the Disney movie "Cars"), and I am creating this webpage in order to provide information to my neighbors that they may find helpful. For nearly a year, I have experienced a lot of challenges that are very difficult to explain. Without going into detail, the crux of it is that I believe some people in my area believe I have committed a serious crime of some kind, and have therefore taken certain measures against me in order to solve a major problem. I have been pretty quiet about the whole thing, for various reasons - the main one being that when I explain my situation in detail, I sound crazy. Indeed, I have thought myself to be crazy on more than one occasion during this terribly difficult time - and it may yet be that I am in fact a paranoid schizophrenic. Nevertheless, I feel there is enough evidence at this point to justify putting up this webpage, in the hope that it will help solve the problem.

The problem started out small around March of 2007, and has progressively gotten worse with time. I have tried all kinds of things to solve it; ignoring it, calling the police, trying to be as deferential to my neighbors as possible, and other things. But none of this has worked.

At this point, I am in severe jeapordy of losing basically everything that matters to me because of this problem - my wife and children (Tylaine, Ethan and Aria), my career, my home, possibly even my life. So I am sending this out into cyberspace, hoping it will be read by those who are involved in the situation, so that the problem can end. This is more or less my final attempt at resolving the problem before I essentially give up.

Again, without providing a lot of detail (those involved should already be aware of what I am talking about), it would seem a number of people in my community (and, possibly, law enforecement, as well) believe I have committed a very serious crime. I wish to state flat out that I have not, nor is it in my nature to do such. I am not perfect; I was arrested in October of 2007 for prescription forgery - but that is the most serious crime I have ever in my life committed. That is also the only time I have ever been arrested.

I don't have a whole lot more to say about it at this point, other than to invite anyone interested to come and talk to me about the situation. You can come knock on my door, you can call me, you can e-mail me, fax me... carrier pidgeon, I don't care. But I would be very interested in communicating in a normal way with anyone about this situation. I sincerely want to alleviate any concerns anyone may have about me, and I am and always have been more than willing to talk to anyone. Those invloved should have no trouble contacting me in one of the above ways, so I need not provide any further information. I will, however, provide one piece of contact information, my cell phone number: (801) 556-3363. Anyone is more than welcome to call me anytime to discuss any of the above. I am very reasonable and very easy to talk to, and anyone who calls me will find that to be the case.