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Your Web Space

XMission provides you with 100MB of space in your home directory, which is located on XMission's file system in /home/users/a/acctname (where "a" is the first letter of your account name). In that directory you'll notice two other directories already created. One is "ftp" and the other is "public_html". All web pages and files you want viewable by the web need to go in "public_html".

In your "public_html" directory, there are three files. One of those files is named "index.html". XMission's webservers are configured to use "index.html" as the default web page in any web directory. Anything you put in that place, as long as it's named "index.html", will come up automatically when someone goes to your URL.

For more information on FTP and publishing your website please see our Webspace & File Transfer support page.

FTP Client Setup

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Macintosh Clients

Securing Your Website

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