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“XMission protects me and my business; I don’t have to worry about anything.”

Milne Jewelry ( is a prominent Salt Lake City based jewelry retailer. Established in 1978, Milne Jewelry provides the greater Salt Lake area with name-brand jewelry, diamonds, and unique gifts, and through the years has earned a solid reputation of quality, accessibility and reliability within its community.

With the emergence and widespread adoption of the Internet in the early 1990s, Milne Jewelry owner Sherry Milne realized that, in order to remain competitive and to capture a share of the rapidly expanding Internet marketplace, she would need to extend her company’s operations to the World Wide Web. But with the Internet still largely undefined at the time, she puzzled over how to make a safe and secure transition to the web—one that would be beneficial to both her company and her customers, but would not entail undue risk.

She found her answer in XMission in 1994.

As the first independent Internet service provider (ISP) in Utah—and one of the first in the United States—XMission provided Milne Jewelry with secure and affordable web site hosting, data storage, file transfer services, and email and mailing list capabilities. Additionally, XMission guided the company through its web site and web store development, and later provided ongoing maintenance, delivering the ironclad security she desired while warding off the inevitable hacking and fraud attempts.

“To this day, XMission makes me feel like I am their only customer, the only one that really matters,” Sherry explains. “They take the time to work with me and tailor their tools to make them user-friendly, and they actually taught me how to be street-smart about running my web-based business. I never have to worry about risks to my customers like ID theft or fraud.”

Through its partnership with XMission, Milne Jewelry has operated a thriving and successful online extension of its retail business for more than a decade, acquiring customers that once would have been unreachable through traditional marketing methods.

“For me,” concludes Sherry, “the security of knowing that XMission is there for me means I never have to worry about anything other than running my business and keeping my clients happy. If you are my competitor, go ahead and use one of ‘the other guys.’”