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“XMission is Salt Lake’s best technology secret”

Podfitness (http://www.podfitness.com) creates custom audio workouts for use on MP3 players. Using the world’s largest audio exercise library, Podfitness users benefit from the motivation of a personal trainer combined with their favorite music.

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Sandy, Utah, Podfitness has a dynamic young staff lead by President and Founder Jeff Hays, CEO Teri Sundh, COO Marilee Esplin, and Vice President of Product Development, Michael Babbitt.

During its first year in operation, Podfitness contracted with an out-of-state vendor for colocation services. Benjamin Edmund, Director of Network Operations, became increasingly frustrated with the vendor’s lack of stability and service: “We paid thousands of dollars each month for managed services, but we were managing the boxes. There were numerous outages—some upwards of 36 hours long—with no explanation.”

Podfitness decided to find a new colocation facility where they could continue to develop their Ruby on Rails applications while securely maintaining their servers. Edmund immediately thought of XMission: “I told our executives that our transition would be done in a week. I knew XMission could do everything fast and well…and the staff is amazing.”

XMission quickly provided Podfitness with colocation services, hosted email, and connectivity, including optical ethernet. Additionally, XMission assisted the Podfitness marketing team by developing a custom database solution for their blogs and forums. According to Edmund, “XMission came through for us and ordered lines, expedited them for us, did all the backend for us, and helped our marketing team to operate independently. They provided us with a complete solution.”

Since moving to XMission, Podfitness has sustained a 99.999% uptime. According to Edmund, they have also saved thousands each month in bandwidth and colocation expenses: “The ROI of going with XMission is huge. XMission is very inexpensive when you consider the service we receive. I view their staff as an extension of our systems administration team.”

“It’s difficult to describe how good XMission is because you get used to it after awhile. We haven’t had a single complaint about XMission’s level of service,“ concludes Edmund. “The technology at XMission is heads above everything else that’s in Salt Lake, but when you combine that with a great, great staff…that’s perfect.”