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XMission Voice Troublesooting and Help

Here you will find some common answers for troubleshooting or using your XMission Voice service. If you have gone through all of the troubleshooting steps and still find that you are having issues, or your issue is not covered in this section, please contact our 24 hour Technical Support department. If at all possible, please contact Technical Support on a separate line such as a cell phone, with a phone plugged into the telephone adapter nearby. Before calling Technical Support, please try a "powercycle" by unplugging the black power cable from the back of the telephone adapter, and leaving it unplugged for exactly 1 minute.

My service was just installed, or I've connected my telephone adapter for the first time. I have no dial tone, and calls to my XMission Voice number go straight to voicemail

Check the lights on the front of your telephone adapter. The POWER, and PHONE 1 (and PHONE 2 if you have 2 lines) lights should be lit up green and the ETHERNET light should be blinking. If none of the lights are lit up, make sure the power cable is plugged in securely to the back of the telephone adapter. If ETHERNET is not blinking, but the POWER light is blinking, check to see if the ethernet cable between the telephone adapter, the UTOPIA access portal (for UTOPIA customers) or your router/switch (DSL customers) is secure. Try using a different cable if you're able to.

For DSL customers: Check to see if you have internet access by trying to visit any webpage on a computer plugged into your modem, or check the DSL light on your modem to see if it is blinking (indicating no valid DSL signal from CenturyLink).

I can make calls from my XMission Voice line just fine, but when people try to call me, all they get is a busy signal

You may have accidentally enabled the DND (Do Not Disturb) feature on your line. Try dialing *79 on your phone.

Call forwarding may have been enabled but going to a line which is busy. Try disabling call forwarding by dialing *73

The telephone adapter you are using may be an older model which may be causing the problem. If the adapter says Handytone 286 on it, please contact XMission Support to have the telephone adapter replaced for free.

I notice that calls are noisy, scratchy and generally of low quality (Or callers tell me that my voice sounds far away, scratchy or noisy)

Please take a single corded phone over to the telephone adapter, and plug it into the PHONE 1 port on the back of the unit, and try your call again. If you find that the call issues have gone away, then the home phone wiring may be to blame (for UTOPIA customers) or the cordless phone you were using is experiencing interference.

For DSL customers: Try stopping all internet activity and then try your call again. If the quality improves, you may need to contact XMission Technical Support so that we may walk you through enabling QOS on your DSL modem, which will prioritize voice data over other types of data.

I've used the call forwarding, call blocking, or other star code feature with providers in the past, but when I use call forwarding with XMission Voice, I do not hear a dial tone after entering the option to confirm that the option has been enabled.

This is normal. You will not hear a confirmation tone, but after about 30 seconds or so, you should hear a busy signal.

I'm trying to use 2 different star codes at once (such as caller ID blocking, and call waiting disable) but all I get is a busy tone after I start to dial the second star code

You cannot stack star codes on top of each other using the phone. However, these features can be enabled all at once using the phone options portal through your computer's web browser.

How can I check my voicemail when I'm away from home?

The easiest way would be to use http://voice.xmission.com . You can access that address and your voice mail as well as your phone options from any internet connected computer in the world. Alternately, you can dial your XMission Voice phone number, and press star (*) when you hear your voicemail greeting.

My CALLER ID display shows the phone number of the person who is calling, but is showing UNKNOWN as their name, or My CALLER ID display is showing the wrong date/time.

Contact XMission Technical support to fix this issue.

I use my own answering device for voice messages. How can I turn off the XMission Voicemail forwarding?

If you have the voice portal enabled, you can do this from the phone options, forwarding options. If you do not have the voice portal enabled, please contact XMission Technical Support and we can disable the voice mail forwarding for you.

I want my phone to ring more than 4 times before the call goes to voicemail.

If you have the voice portal enabled, you can extend the amount of time it takes before a call is forwarded to voice mail. This length is not measured in number of rings, but in seconds (Default is 22 seconds, which equals 4 rings) and you can set a max time of 60 seconds. If you do not have the voice portal enabled, please contact XMission Technical Support and we can set the forward time for you.

I am having trouble sending or receiving faxes, or establishing a data connection using a dial up modem.

XMission Voice does not officially support faxing or other data transmission over VoIP. There are many limitations which will not allow us to guarantee that these services will work properly with XMission Voice. However, we can make changes in your telephone adapter that may allow you to send and receive faxes easier. You will also want to consult your fax machine's instruction manual to determine how to lower the connection speed of your fax machine to 9600 baud or slower.

If customers do require the ability to fax, we recommend that they purchase a different telephone adapter (Sipura SPA-2100) which supports the t.38 faxing codec. XMission Voice does not provide this adapter and it will have to be purchased separately. Even with this adapter, we are still unable to guarantee 100% fax compatibility.

XMission Voice does not support and cannot guarantee compatibility with devices which use a modem to communicate. This includes dial up modems, set top boxes (such as Tivo, Satellite receives and such) or any other modem device.

XMission Voice over DSL specific issues

These are issues which will only affect XMission Voice customers who are receiving the service over their DSL modem

How can I plug multiple phones into the telephone adapter?

At this time, XMission can only support a single phone plugged into the telephone adapter's PHONE 1 port, or one phone plugged into PHONE 1 and one phone plugged into PHONE 2 for 2 phone numbers. We recommend purchasing a cordless phone basestation which has the ability to expand up to several cordless handsets.

My DSL modem only has one ethernet port on it which is already being used by my computer

You will need to purchase an ethernet switch which will allow you to plug multiple devices into your DSL modem.

XMission Voice Portal

For issues regarding the voice portal and accessing your phone options. You can access these features at http://voice.xmission.com

I've tried to access voice.xmission.com but it's telling me that my PIN code is invalid, or is saying that I need to change my pin code

Please pick up your XMission Voice line and dial *98, followed by option 0, and then option 5, to change your voicemail PIN code. For security reasons, we do not allow access to voice.xmission.com using the default pin code.

Where is the play button? How do I listen to my voice mail?

Simply click on the CALLER ID info of the call you wish to listen to. Playback should begin immediately, and you will also be presented with a bar below the CALLER ID info and a timer to the right which indicates which part of the message you're listening to. TO pause, click on the CALLER ID info again.

I cannot listen to my voicemail when I click on the text. All I get is a dialog which wants me to download a file

The security software on your computer is blocking flash from playing within web pages. Try disabling the software or adding voice.xmission.com to the security software's whitelist

You may have a flash blocker enabled on your web browser. Try disabling it for voice.xmission.com or add voice.xmission.com to the whitelist for that plugin.

You may not have the flash plugin installed for your web browser. Visit http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer to download the plugin for your browser.

You may be using an older browser which does not support flash or the code for the voice portal. We recommend the latest version of Mozlla Firefox or Google Chrome

Can I download my voice mail?

Yes! Simply right click on the CALLER ID text, and select the Save Link As or Save File As or Save Location As (this option may be different depending on your browser). You should be presented with a dialog which allows you to specify the location where you wish to save the file. Clicking on Save will begin the download.

Can I have my voice messages emailed to me?

Yes! Under the voice portal, in Voicemail Options, make sure that the email address where you wish to receive these voice messages sent to is entered in that field, and then under Attach Audio, select Yes. Please note that these emails will take up much more space in your mailbox than a normal email would. You will want to check with your email provider to see how much email storage space you have available to you, and check your email to clear out messages so that you do not go over your storage quota.

After listening to a message in the voice portal, I still get the dial tone on my XMission Voice phone which indicates that I still have new messages.

When you listen to messages in the voice portal, the messages are not marked as listened to.

I looked in the Call Log, but I don't see every call that's made from my XMission Voice number

The Call Log only logs calls which have gone to your voicemail either directly or after ringing several times.