XMission Completes Major Upgrades to Email & Collaboration Services

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SALT LAKE CITY, UT - November 29, 2011: XMission recently upgraded storage and pricing for its Unified Email & Collaboration service, powered by Zimbra. All Premium accounts now have 30GB of storage, Standard accounts have 12GB, and Base accounts have 3GB. This upgrade puts XMission 5GB ahead of most hosted email providers in the market.

"Managers don't want to worry about their employees running out of space. Finding work-around solutions for limited storage can put the company at risk," said John Webster, XMission Vice President, Business Development. "You want to know where your data is and how your team is accessing it. XMission's upgraded quota suits your needs now and into the future."

XMission has also lowered its pricing on all Premium accounts. Premium accounts now each cost $5 per month with a 1-year contract, or $7.95 month-to-month.

In addition to email, Unified Email & Collaboration also features advanced search functionality, calendar synchronization, document collaboration, task management, sharing across features, and integration with third-party and mobile applications such as Windows Mobile & iPhone.

Users access Unified Email & Collaboration via their favorite web browser, Zimbra desktop, or preferred mail and calendaring application. All accounts include unlimited 24/7 technical support.

"Zimbra is so much more than just email," said Loretta Gale, Owner of Infobytes. "I use the calendar and documents almost as much as I use Zimbra's email features, especially the ability to search and retrieve docs by author, time, subject, even content." 

Because it works independently of operating systems, Unified Email & Collaboration works equally well on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

"I access my e-mail from several different locations on a regular basis from a variety of different sources, including on a Smartphone, Mac, Linux, and even a Windows machine," said Gale. "I love being able to access all my important docs anywhere I happen to be.  I've logged into Zimbra from as far away as London without a hitch."

Unified Email & Collaboration allows anyone who owns a domain to create email addresses that reflect that domain (your-name@your-domain.com). Domain-based email allows businesses to further reinforce their brand name with customers.

XMission provides Zimbra Unified Email & Collaboration services globally.

VMware Zimbra creates collaboration software using open source technology for service providers, educational institutions, and businesses.