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These setup instructions apply to Android versions 2.0 though 2.1.

Tap and drag the applications tab [Bottom Arrow] then tap email. [email icon]

Enter your email address and password then tap Manual Setup. [3_config_xm] Select IMAP for the account type screen. [4_account_choice] Enter your username (your email address without @xmission.com), and change the IMAP server to mail.xmission.com then tap next. [5_inc_xm] Change the SMTP server to: mail.xmission.com and make sure there is a check mark in Require sign-in. Then tap next. [6_out_xm] From the account options settings select what frequecy you wish to check for new email and if you want notificaions when these messages arrive. [8_end_questions] Name the account XMission and enter your name then tap done. Congratulations on your new mail account. [9_final_xm]