XMission Expands Domains Services with SSL Certificates

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Salt Lake City — March 12, 2009 — XMission, Utah's first Internet service provider, now offers SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates to business customers that require security encryption for their website or mail server. XMission offers 128-bit or 256-bit SSL certificates. XMission SSL Certificates start at $55 annually.

"A properly issued certificate is an inexpensive way to assure private customer transactions on the Internet,” said Pete Ashdown, Founder and President of XMission. “Any business or organization doing Internet based transactions will find use in an SSL certificate."

Businesses that run e-commerce, collect personal data, accept credit cards online, password protect any part of their website, or comply with privacy and security requirements use SSL certificates to prove the security and authenticity of their website. SSL creates a secure connection between the client and the server using cryptography and authentication.

XMission has supported SSL certificates since Netscape adopted the SSL protocol in 1994. According to Grant Sperry, Vice President of Operations, XMission's experience with SSL certificates during the last fifteen years makes them an ideal vendor now: "Our administrators can have certificates installed within 24 hours and help ensure everything is working properly."

"Many of our customers buy their domains from us, and I know they will appreciate the convenience of getting their SSL certificates directly from XMission too," said John Webster, Vice President of Business Development.