XMission Expands Network to Better Serve Businesses

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Salt Lake City, UT (Wednesday, June 6, 2007)–XMission recently announced its completion of significant upgrades to its network capacity. With these upgrades, XMission has increased its bandwidth by more than five-fold making it one of the largest diverse carrier networks in Utah.

According to XMission founder and President Pete Ashdown, “XMission’s continued commitment to excellence is displayed in our current network. No other regional ISP comes close to matching the size, speed, and diversity of what XMission has built and continues to provide to its customers.”

XMission's multi-gigabit network currently includes the following carriers: Verizon Business (UUnet), Global Crossing, Level 3, XO Communications, AT&T, nLayer Communications, and many others.

“Having such a wide selection of carriers ensures the best path to anywhere on the Internet. This is especially important for businesses in Utah, where traffic can travel across the country and back, just to reach next door,” said Kevin Blackham, Vice President of Network Architecture at XMission.

Increased capacity also allows XMission to offer more competitive pricing on business services, provide better redundancy, and accommodate additional high-bandwidth customers, according to Ashdown.

XMission plans further capacity upgrades during 2007, including multi-Gigabit connectivity to the UTOPIA Community MetroNet™.

“This additional capacity facilitates further growth and allows us to provide many enterprise class services beyond Internet access,” said Blackham. “Our buying power and vast connectivity allow for blending of services from many providers at our carrier-neutral data center in downtown Salt Lake City.”