XMission Kicks Off Digital Art Contest for LED Tube Display - What Can You Create with 5472 Pixels?

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XMission has created a permanent display for its Salt Lake City data center using LED tubes. In an effort to create a unique digital art gallery for local citizens to enjoy, XMission has created a contest where artists can submit their best animations and videos. The winner will receive an Apple iPad.

Salt Lake City, UT June 16, 2010 -- Today, XMission Internet announced an international contest for digital artists. Arists are encouraged to submit Flash animations or video files for XMission's new LED tube display - located at 67 East 400 South in Salt Lake City, Utah - for a chance to win an Apple iPad.

Artists should email their submissions to marketing(at)xmission(dot)com by July 16, 2010. XMission will rotate the submitted files on its display during July. Anyone may view entries and cast a vote for a favorite artist on xmission.com starting on July 17.

Along with digital entries, artists should also submit the following: full name, email address, home address, phone number, artwork title.

XMission will accept almost any style of video or Flash content, but it must maintain the proper dimensions (171 pixels x 32 pixels). Artists may submit videos or animations of any length. Each artist may submit up to five entries.

For additional rules and submission guidelines, please visit XMission's blog: transmission.xmission.com