XMission Lowers Pricing on Gigabit Connections for Residential UTOPIA Customers

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Salt Lake City, UT – September 17, 2013 - Today, Utah Internet provider XMission announced a new, reduced price for its residential 1 gigabit-per-second (Gbps) service on the fiber-optic UTOPIA network.

"I am pleased to provide gigabit residential service on the UTOPIA network at an affordable price,” said XMission president and founder, Pete Ashdown. “Some may say that this is a result of competitive forces, and they would be right. When there is robust competition instead of captive markets, the consumer comes out on top."

XMission started offering gigabit service to qualifying residential customers in June, 2012, but at a higher price. Now, XMission offers two speeds: 250Mbps for $35 per month, and 1Gbps for $70 per month. XMission's monthly charges do not include UTOPIA infrastructure fees, which are approximately $30 per month.

Customers interested in purchasing this service should contact XMission at 801-539-0852 or live chat at https://livesupport.xmission.com/

UTOPIA cities include Brigham City, Centerville, Layton, Lindon, Midvale, Murray, Orem, Payson, Tremonton, and West Valley City. For additional information about the UTOPIA network, residents should visit http://utopianet.org