Zimbra Email Client Configurations

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These easy to follow instructions will help you configure your favorite client for use with your Zimbra email service.
For greater convenience, you can always access your mail at https://zimbra.xmission.com/

For more help, This link will take you to a video repository of helpful tips: http://help.zimbra.com/videos/8x/

Recommended Email Settings

XMission Recommends an IMAP email configuration heres why.

Incoming Server Information: Outgoing Server Information:
Server Type: IMAP Server Type: SMTP
Hostname: zimbra.xmission.com Hostname: zimbra.xmission.com  
Port: 993 Port: 465
Encryption Type: SSL Encryption Type: SSL
Authenticate Using: Clear Text/Normal Password Requires Authentication: Yes
Logon User Name: Your full email address  

- Please note that some free wireless hotspots may block SSL without an extra fee. If you cannot send or receive while on certain wifi networks (especially ones in airports or public spaces) please check their terms and conditions and ensure they are not blocking SSL connections.


More to come!

Windows 10 / 8.x / 7 / Vista

Although XP will still work - it is no longer Supported

Mac OS X



Zimbra Desktop