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[http://www.xmission.com/assets/site/webcasts/migration.html Migrating From Mailcenter To Zimbra](Flash Video)
==Zimbra User Interface==
==Zimbra User Interface==

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Zimbra User Interface

Login Basics (Flash Video)

General Preferences (Flash Video)

Setting Forwards & Vacation Notices (Flash Video)

Whitelist Filtering (Flash Video)

Adding Signatures (plain text) (Flash Video)

Adding Signatures (html) (Flash Video)

Spam Assassin Filtering (Flash Video)

Adding Filters (Flash Video)

Configure your iPhone for your XMission Zimbra account (Flash Video)

How to install and configure the Zimbra Outlook Connector (Flash Video)

Zimbra Admin Interface

Adding Accounts (Flash Video)

Adding Email Aliases (Flash Video)

Adding Distribution Lists (Flash Video)