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Understanding XMission's Zimbra Pricing

Please reference this document as you set up or upgrade your XMission Zimbra services. We hope to give you a better understanding of the costs involved with both.

Many XMission accounts include Base (email-only) accounts or a monthly credit toward Standard and Premium Zimbra services.

Service Base Email Accounts Monthly Credits (applied to Standard and Premium)
Value Web Host 5 $5.00
Select Web Host 35 $35.00
Pro Web Host 100 $100.00
Dedicated Circuit Services 100 $100.00
Colocation Services 100 $100.00

Cost per mailbox: (*Before any applicable service credits)

Zimbra Suite Level Monthly Cost*
Base (Email only) $ 3
Standard (Collaboration Suite) $ 6
Premium (Collaboration Suite + Mobile Integration) $12

Mixing and matching of package levels:

- Currently all Zimbra setups must be the same service level (No mixing of levels).
- Mix-and-match for Standard and Premium will be available in 2009.

This quick reference chart shows the number of Zimbra accounts included with each XMission service level. Each column shows how many accounts come with the collaboration suite you choose.

XMission Service Base Standard Premium
Value Web Host 5
Select Web Host 35 4 2
Pro Web Host 100 16 8
Dedicated Circuit Services 100 16 8
Colocation Services 100 16 8

Customers may have additional credit towards additional upgraded accounts on the same Zimbra service level.* For example, the Select Web Host includes 2 Premium accounts with another $11 that the hosting customer can apply towards additional Premium accounts. A total of 3 Premium accounts would only add $1 to the monthly invoice.

Please contact XMission Sales with any questions. We would be happy to discuss this with you.

*Please note, unused credits for email services cannot be applied to hosting, access, colocation, or other XMission services.