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XMission Status Updates

Since 2020 XMission has been posting issues and notices to our Twitter feed and on our real-time System Status page, We encourage all customers to follow the above notification systems to stay up to date. From time to time XMission will still send larger announcements to subscribers as necessary and the archive will remain publicly available.

Why do XMission customers get announcements?

XMission believes in full disclosure to our clients. Not only do we think that our customers deserve to know about things that may have gone wrong or are changing with the service they're paying for, but it also saves time troubleshooting an issue that may not have been local.

Announcements will also be sent if enhancements to our services or additional services are made available. Often, XMission will add a service or change the pricing for an existing service. By reading the announcements, customers can learn that a service they may have been waiting for is now available or even learn that they'll soon be saving money by using a newly available account type.

Doesn't it make XMission look bad when things go wrong?

Quite to the contrary. All ISP's have technical problems from time to time as there is no way to avoid it. We simply do our best to fully disclose problems when they arise, even as we do our best to minimize the problems themselves. XMission often receives praise from our customers because we fully disclose problems in a timely manner.

How can I get announcements via email?

By default, all customers automatically get announcements sent to the technical contact for their account. This can be changed by contacting XMission's accounting department via phone (in Salt Lake at 801-539-0852, or toll free at 877-964-7746) or email at

Can I get announcements if I use IMAP?

Yes. Announcements are now simply sent to the mailbox of each account's technical contact. It is no longer necessary to receive them via POP or the alternative mailing list.

Can I unsubscribe from the announcements list?

Although announcements are sent with our customers' best interest in mind (they help save time, frustration, and sometimes even money), XMission does allow people to "unsubscribe." We highly recommend that you continue to receive them though, since they are rarely sent and provide very helpful information. To help keep the inconvenience some customers may feel to an absolute minimum, each announcement starts with a very short overview, followed by details. By skimming the overview, it can be easy to tell if it concerns you.

If you have received an announcement from us already, please follow the link at the bottom of that message to stop receiving announcements. If you want to start receiving announcements again or want to stop them and don't have a current announcement you can unsubscribe with, please contact our accounting department during business hours at (801) 539-0852

Where can I see an archive of announcements?