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Configuring the Newton Internet Enabler Software

  1. Open the Extras drawer.
  2. Choose Internet Setup from the extras drawer.
  3. Select New from the lower left hand corner.
  4. Select Generic PAP/CHAP from the popup list.
  5. Rename the Setup Name Generic PAP/CHAP to XMission.
  6. Select PPP as the Link Protocol from the popup menu.
  7. Enter your local XMission data number on the Phone line.
  8. Enter your XMission username on the User Name line.
  9. Tap Set Password.
  10. Enter your password twice and tap set.
  11. Tap Continue.
  12. Set Name Server IP Address to
  13. Enter "" on the Domain line.
  14. Tap Continue.
  15. Set Timeout for 60 seconds.
  16. Tap the X square to finish. You should now have an option named XMission in the Internet Setup list.
  17. Tap X again to close.

Connecting an external modem to your Newton

  1. If you have a Macintosh compatible external modem you can simply connect one end to the serial port on the modem, and the other end to the serial port on your Newton.
  2. Make sure your modem is connected to a phone line and is powered on.

Configuring your Newton OS device to work with your modem

  1. Open the Extras drawer.
  2. Select Prefs.
  3. Select Modem from the popup menu.
  4. Check the Require dial tone box.
  5. Select Tone Dialing.
  6. If using an external modem select Serial Port from the Connect Using popup menu. If using a PCMCIA card modem select PC Card.
  7. Tap Modem setup.
  8. Select the type of modem you are using from the popup menu.
  9. Tap X to close the Modem box.
  10. Tap X to close the Preferences box.

Connecting using third party software

  1. Tap the icon for the utility you would like to use (e.g. NewtsCape, Net Hopper, Eudora Pro for Newton).
  2. When a request is made (e.g. a non-cached web page) a connection box will appear with Using XMission in the center.
  3. Click Connect.